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"It is my pleasure to recommend Coach John Berry and The Youth Hoops Basketball programs and seminars. Coach Berry is energetic, enthusiastic, and caring when is working with the players on the court. The kids receive hands-on instruction in a low coach-player ratio that allows for vast improvement in a short amount of time. There is a big focus on the fundamentals with opportunities to compete in skills games and time for scrimmage play to put the skills in practice. Coach Berry and his staff also teach the “team” concepts of working together, mutual respect, and the benefits group effort. I was so pleased with Coach Berry and his program that at end of the first week camp, we registered our son for another week! We are impressed! Thank you Coach Berry!"

- Ben & Heidi F, Pittsboro

"Ricky thoroughly enjoyed basketball camp. The biggest benefit to him was learning an offensive formation that involved continual movement and teamwork." 

- Kathie Y, Chapel Hill

"Coach Berry, Thank you for your commitment and dedication in working with Broderick. I feel it was well worth the time and effort. Broderick shared with me that his biggest benefit from the camp was learning the offensive play strategies. Again, thanks to you and your staff as your work is greatly appreciated."

- Reggie G, Mebane

"My son, Elijah, got a great jump on the competition at this years Youth Hoops Basketball Camp. He came home talking about working on his jab fake and cross-over dribble, how he really focused in on his offense, keeping his elbow in and tightening up his form, together with finishing his shot with a more effective release. As a fan of the game, the fundamentals of basketball are what a camp should be all about, and I was very impressed with the staff's direction and diligence in maintaining those core values. For the younger aged campers, I can tell you this...It's time well spent. We'll see you again for the Fall Clinics, Coach Berry. Fantastic Job!" 

- Stuart H, Chapel Hill

"My son Casey loves the game of basketball and has played on a few recreational teams but always seemed (up till now) to be the underdog, not quite grasping the positions he played and sort of looking lost. I signed him up for Youth Hoops camp with Coach Berry thinking he could use the practice and I could use the break! He not only enjoyed the camp immensely, he learned so much more than we all expected, even him. He seems much more confident on the court like he knows where he is going and what his plan is--he never had that before this week. This was an intense camp and loved every minute, especially bringing home the certificates saying he was best at foul shots and 3 pointers--he was so excited and is looking forward to next basketball season!! Thanks Coach Berry for all your hard work with our kids!"

- Chris B, Chapel Hill, NC

"Our boys enjoyed Youth Hoops Basketball Camp at Woods Charter School. They appreciated the instruction and correction. The coaches would stop them immediately if they weren't doing something correctly and would show them exactly what they wanted them to do. Our oldest was excited at being shown how to correct his shot. Thanks!"

-Stacia C, Chapel Hill, NC

"My grandson has attended many camps. What makes Youth Hoops different is it's emphasis on really teaching basketball fundamentals! There is something for every kid to learn, from the youngest to the oldest."

-Edward C, Philadelphia, PA

"Coach John Berry's Youth Hoops Basketball Camp was a joy for my son. Coach Berry made the entire experience fun for my son and for our entire family. He was able to take the most skilled players and those players that were just starting to play and mold them into a team. More importantly, John always had a positive message and outlook everyday and the kids responded to him. If you want your child to truly learn the fundamentals of basketball and do it in a safe and friendly environment, Coach John Berry's Youth Hoops Basketball Camp is the perfect place."

-Dean L, Chapel Hill, NC

“I highly recommend the services of Youth Hoops to young, aspiring basketball players. Youth Hoops will improve the fundamentals of their game and inspire commitment, all important lessons for success in basketball and other endeavors.”

-Peter H, New Jersey

“The work ethic has translated into concrete results and continuing escalation of self-confidence. Later on in life, these lessons will pay even greater dividends.”

-Jeffrey G, New Jersey

"Coach Berry and staff provided a fun-filled week of basketball instruction for my two boys ages 11 and 12. Not only did they learn the fundamentals of offensive and defensive basketball, but life lessons, sportsmanship and what it takes to be a champion. The boys came home every day excited and learned a lot during the week and I can’t thank Coach Berry enough for his help." - Toby R, Chapel Hill

-Toby R, Chapel Hill

"My son really learned a lot from this camp because of its small groups and individual attention to each player. He particularly enjoyed the daily skills contests and definitely wants to attend again."

- Scott & Lori F, Pittsboro

"We really appreciated the consideration and attention the coaches at the Youth Hoops Basketball Camp provided for our 10 year-old daughter. This was the first time she participated in a concentrated and focused basketball-type activity outside of her regular P.E. classes at school.

From the first day she gained confidence and enjoyed playing basketball. Even though there were other participants of considerable more polished talent, the atmosphere of the camp concentrated on her potential and not her inadequacies. Each evening we practiced the concepts she learned at camp. These concepts were the same basic concepts her father was taught when he attended basketball camp as a youth under collegiate and professional coaches and players. By the last day at camp, she felt completely comfortable playing in the final scrimmage, and displayed considerable knowledge and confidence in her performance. She absolutely loved and enjoyed this basketball camp.

The coaches were very friendly, talented, and enjoyed teaching basketball technique to the participants. This helped the participants feel confident and wanted to play basketball. Each player received special attention to improve their play and finesse.

We especially appreciated the sincere appreciation Coach Berry offered us in that he was very glad our daughter was able to attend his camp. This camp was a great opportunity for our daughter. Our daughter is very happy she attended; and that makes us happy." 

-Myungha & Mel S, Pittsboro