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Summer Shooter's Club (3rd - 9th grades)

John Berry
Woods Charter School (2) (location map)
Tuesday, 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
06/27/17 - 07/25/17 (4 weeks)


Is your kid looking to improve their shot mechanics for consistent success? Wouldn't it be lovely if your kid was guaranteed to shoot the basketball atleast 150 times within an hour under the supervision of professional coaches? Guess what? This is your lucky day!

The "Summer Shooter's Club" emphasizes shooting form, shot mechanics and repetition of shots. This class will be structured as follows:

20 min:
Shot mechanics & warmup

25 min:
Professional coach-led shooting drills

10 min:
Volume shooting

The "Summer Shooter's Club" class may be the edge your kid needs!

The cost is roughly $19/class. There are a total of 4 classes over a 5-week period (Tue, 6/27 – Tue, 7/25). Meeting times will be on Tuesdays.

Register today or for more information call 919-533-5919.

06/27/17    6:00 PM Tuesday 06/27/17 6:00 PM
07/11/17    6:00 PM Tuesday 07/11/17 6:00 PM
07/18/17    6:00 PM Tuesday 07/18/17 6:00 PM
07/25/17    6:00 PM Tuesday (Moved from: 07/04/17) 07/04/17 6:00 PM (Moved from: 07/04/17)